02 - RA2ROAD: an introduction less boring as possible

Hi guys, I recently passed 100 views and, considering 50 views from family and friends, it means that the other half are people who have read my blog!!! Thanks for that! Today I’m going to introduce more in detail my project, but before I’d like to give you more info about the energy harvesting applied to the roads. Basically, the exploitable energy sources are the solar radiation and the vibration due to the passage of the vehicles. Starting from this simple classification, the following energy harvesting systems can be listed (clicking on the name you will be redirected to the website of the manufacturing companies or to some interesting paper): Photovoltaic roads: they aim to convert the sunlight in electricity. A photovoltaic road consists of three principal layers: a semi-transparent top layer able to support the traffic load, guarantee the adequate adherence and, at the same time, allow the passage of the sunlights to the bottom layers; an electrical layer …

01 - The crossroad

Ciao a tutti,
my name is Domenico Vizzari and I'm from Rosalì, a small village close to Reggio Calabria, in South Italy. My land is an area with a high seismic risk and for this reason I decided to study civil engineering.
I took my bachelor's and master's degree at University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria and I got interest about road engineering collaborating with the laboratory of materials. Thanks to that experience I realized that I wanted become a researcher and in Italy there are just two reasons if you want be a researcher: 1) you are crazy and masochist or 2) you really like the world of research and you want make your contribution in your field of interest (I like to think that I'm in the second group!). For a couple of months I collected some failures but I didn't give up and around 1 year ago I was at an important life's crossroad: choose a job in a small company close to my hometown with a good salary and continuing to enjoy my mom's Sunday dishes…